In Memory of……

On the heels of Memorial Day, I want to talk about something our Pastor said in church on Sunday..

“Never forget where you came from or you will be lost where you are!”

As I walked through all of the flags along the cemetery driveway yesterday and listened to the list of deceased service men who fought for our country, there were many of them that I could picture in my mind from when I was little.  They were people that my parents or grandparents knew and some of them I spent a fair amount of time with growing up.

I can remember stories about them or times being with them.  It was sort of heart warming in it’s own strange way.  Some of those people I never saw sober.  Some of them I never really knew at all but just the things I would over hear in adult conversations about them, but when they called their names this instant excited feeling of “hey, I knew him” kept coming over me.

Ya know, I spent most of my adult life running as far away from “home” as I could.  I’m not completely sure why.  Ya, I’m probably the one that was never content with anything….always thought MAYBE the grass was greener on the other side and if you didn’t go check it out, how would you know!?  I have to say, the grass WASN’T always greener!!

Eventually I found a whole new reason to go back home….I call him my husband!  He lived in my hometown so I now thought it was pretty important that I get back there……from time to time!!!!   The funny thing that happened was i got to see several people that i knew as a child and was able to reconnect a little bit!  What a blessing that turned out to be!  I found out that people did remember me and I treasure the unexpected time I got to spend with some people and I am SO grateful that I did since a lot of them have passed away since.  I found that these people held a little place in my heart that I didn’t even realize.  I guess it was from all of that running away I was doing.

So here I am….did I lose myself when I was looking for that “greener grass”?  I believe I did!  As time, and people, pass, I realize that it was where I was raised and the people that I knew that shaped my journey and maybe I should have just been ok being me!!  I thank God for all of those people and the way He brought them back in my life at a time when I was ready to accept them….and me!

Be the drop that creates the ripple!!!


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